Winter is on its way! (Even if you’re not looking forward to it.)


Even though it’s just the beginning of November, I can already feel the season changing. When people ask what my favorite season is, I can never tell them. It always changes. I think every season is my favorite. I can’t pick one.

For winter, I love getting bundled up, drinking hot cocoa, staying inside (without making up excuses…), and Christmas, of course!

After Halloween, everything goes from ghoulish and scary to Christmas-y and festive. In my humble opinion, I love it!

I even drank a peppermint mocha frappuccino from Starbucks. Okay, don’t criticize me for being a typical white girl. I’m not going to let anyone spoil my mood.



Happy Halloween!

We had a nice Halloween party at my sister’s house. Lots of kids dressed up in cute costumes.

I chose something very typical…an artist (original, right?!). It was kind of spur-of-the-moment. I went to the mall after work and bought the beret and striped shirt in a rush. I created the palette from some cardboard and grabbed a few paintbrushes from my collection.

If you want a very easy costume, this is it!

Anyway, in yesterday’s post I hinted at writing another post…so here it is!



Coat and Hat


Hi there!

This post was inspired by Downton Abbey characters, even though I have no clue what the show is about. I just like the way they dress. I would love to dress like this. But it is kind of hard to find pieces that I love that are reasonably priced.

I miss the way women used to dress in the early-mid 20th century. I miss the days where it wasn’t unusual for women to wear dresses everyday. Even though I was born many years after that style era, I still feel like I fit in with the 1950s housewives (slightly joking!).

Maybe I’ll learn how to make vintage-inspired pieces myself. Hmm. Don’t know if my sewing abilities are up to the task.

Tomorrow is Halloween. Maybe I’ll surprise you with another post (or maybe not).



Home is Home


Even though I have many aspirations to travel, see the world, be adventurous, etc., I still am a homebody at heart. There isn’t anything wrong with that, either 🙂




Lemons always remind me of cleaning supplies. And not in a bad way. The smell of clean to me is Lysol all-purpose cleaner, one of my favorites. For some reason, it’s just a really cheerful smell!

Rain Gems


I am so loving this autumn, rainy, windy weather! Today I felt like the Morton Salt girl, except less adorable 🙂

This piece was inspired by, well, the weather. And I felt that rain drops needed to have a fancier name, thus rain gems.